Garrido Medrano wineries are part of the subareas of the “Denominacion de origen“ known
as Rioja, more exactly “Rioja Alavesa” , situated between the Ebro riber and the “Sierra
Cantabria” mountains.
The family has a very important number of hectares of own vineyards, all of them constituted by the varieties of, mainly, tempranillo 95% , and viura 5%.These vineyards are located in Laguardia,
Lapuebla de Labarca and Oyon .

Viñedo Rioja Alavesa

The soil of this area isargillaceous and calcareous, but with a very high percentage of limestone (around 48%) . This soil is so poor that the only crops that survive here are the olive-trees and the grapevines, both of them submitted to, what we call, water – stress.

Viñedo Rioja Alavesa

The presence of the ridge, “Sierra Cantabria “ safeguards all the area of the cold winds from the North, which creates an excellent microclimate, perfect to grow high quality grapes

The orientation orientation of this area is East-West, so that the sun is stable, which stimulates the optimal mellowing of the grapes.

Viñedo Rioja Alavesa

For all this reasons, the grapes gather in “ Rioja Alvesa” are very small, have very strong and hard skin, have high concrentation and lesser water. This means that the wines proceed of these grapes will be very fruity, both in nose and mouth. These wines will have great concentration of colour and they will be very pleasant for the palate; well-balanced, rounds and without edges.

The vineyards aged over 80 years, are destinated to elaborate young vintage wine and signature wines, wines with a curprisingly balanced composition , with a limited anual production between 3.000 and 6000 bottles. We make , from these excellent grapes, wines with a very expressive character of our area, wines able to please and satisfy the most demanding palates.

Uva Rioja Alavesa